Thursday, 26 May 2016

First words from This Womans Voice....

So, welcome.  My first blog. Ever.  If it feels like I'm still learning how to do this, it's because I am.  ;-)   So, all I ask of you is a little kindness as I endeavour to polish my blogging skills so that I can ditch my 'training wheels'.

That seems like a wonderful metaphor for life, really.  Aren't we always just trying to 'polish' something so we can become practiced and skilled at it?  So that it becomes 'second nature' for us?  And all we ask from those around us is a little kindness and compassion and patience as we 'polish' our skill?    Yeah....  I love metaphor.  You'll get to know that. :)

The reason I wanted to start this blog, well.... actually, there are many.  But mostly, it is because over the last couple of days I have been reminded (by both men and women!) how important it is for us to have and use our voices as women.  That what we say and think matters. As women.  For women.  For men.  For the planet. For humanity. That we need to remember that the wisdom we hold, simply because we are women, has a rightful place in this world.  And right now, it seems to me that it is more necessary than ever.

And it's not to deny the rightful place of men's voices in the world.  Men's voices are also much needed in this world.  Especially the voices of those men who are all about bringing 'the divine masculine' (for want of a better phrase) to this world.  For helping men to remember who  THEY are in their authentic, divine masculinity.  For helping men to see and value and STRIVE to  bring THAT to life, in the same way that we, as women, are striving to bring our authentic voices to life too. And have them valued and heard.

So, welcome.  My posts will be spontaneous, some might say 'sporadic', but they will be because I feel that 'this womans voice' has something she wants heard and valued and listened to and considered. It doesn't matter whether you agree with what I write or not. It doesn't matter whether the listener be male, female, or anything in between.  It doesn't matter.  This womans voice just wants to be and 'feel' heard.  And I don't pretend to speak for all women. I simply, and finally, speak for THIS woman.

Have a beautiful, heart-felt day. And sure, stop and smell the roses, but more importantly, stop and listen.  LISTEN to those around you, with your heart.  <3