Sunday, 21 August 2016

A Cliche of a Day

Some days, I just can't be bothered with people's shit.... Most days, I'm a lot 'kinder' and more gracious / engaging than that..... Today was one of the former kind of days. ;-) 

So I went down to one of my favourite cafes (that'd be Beat Street Cafe), said hello to two gorgeous souls who were there (and who were very graciously understanding when I said I just wanted some 'me time' (thank you very much for not being offended, both of you :-) ), sat down with a cup of lovely Manuka Mint tea, and just started writing.... 

It's been a while since I wrote anything that wasn't song lyrics falling out while I doodled about on the piano. Having said that, I have a rather large accumulation of poems I've written over the years.  But even so it was quite refreshing to get back into writing poetry on many levels....  ;-)

So, I figure it's not quite a 'blog post' in my usual style, but some days I just have nothing to say.  
So here's a poem, a bit of a cliche. ;-)


A Bit of a Cliche

So if all else fails
Where would we be?
At Wit's End, a Loose End
The deep blue sea?

A smouldering wreck
On a steaming shore
All else has failed
But still we want more?

Sadist or Masochist
I guess you might say
Attempting to fight
Another day

But what if I said
To the voice in my head
"Fuck that, my dear"
Would I be better off dead?

I think not, dear friend
There's still that spark
That glimpse of hope
that launched the ark

Some might say
Why keep on trying
Didn't Andy Dufresne tell us
To get busy dying?

But he also said
To get busy living
And maybe he'd encourage us
To be kind and forgiving

So maybe if
All else has failed
All hope is lost
The wind's prevailed

Keep your hands in your pocket
And act not so strange
For sure as eggs
the wind will change.