Sunday, 19 June 2016

All in a Coin Toss...

(The flipside of living an authentic life; of living in vulnerability). 

What's sitting with me as I write this, what I'm "soaking in", in the washing-machine of life (that’s another blog-post coming soon - watch this space!) is how, when we connect with others in a deeper heart-space connection, we might expect it all to just flow perfectly, smoothly, all "rose-petally".  :-)  

And sometimes it doesn't. While those connections might be formed for growth and for the fulfilment of a deeper or “higher” purpose, sometimes that takes a completely different shape than we expected...

And why not?

Isn't even the smoothest of roads, on closer examination, actually pitted and holed and full of jagged edges and lumpy bits, that, were we significantly smaller, we might stumble on and fall into? 

Even the most authentic, higher-purpose connections will have their 'blips', their pot-holes, their jagged edges. That’s how we grow, how we stay humble, how we remember we are perfectly IMperfect.  How we learn not to take ourselves too seriously. ;-)

And as WE are perfectly IMperfect, with our faults and our flaws, so too are those with whom we are in connection. And we need to remember that they too are learning, growing, sometimes stumbling. That their path too, no matter how smooth and perfect it may appear, also has pot-holes and uneven surfaces and jagged edges. The grass is only greener on the other side if it’s genetically engineered. ;-)

And when they transgress and cause you an affront, when they stumble and slip up or fall, when they have a moment of mindlessness as we all do, we need to remember that they too are learning, growing, sometimes stumbling, on this path of life.  That they too are perfectly IMperfect. 

And rather than waiting for an apology they may not realise you're expecting, you could be the magnanimous one and forgive them, even when they don't know they 'need it'.  ;-)

Didn't Christ also say "forgive them, for they know not what they do?"  Or was that just in the musical. ;-)

So forgive them. Actually, don't just forgive them. Thank them! (Either out loud or just in your thoughts). 

Thank them for giving you the opportunity to practice patience, tolerance, kindness, compassion, humility. Whatever quality it was they helped you to strengthen. Forgive them, thank them, and remember, they too are human. They too are perfectly IMperfect... 

There's always going to be lumps, bumps, stumbles and falls on this journey we all call life. How you respond to those challenges all comes down to a coin toss. 

And on that note, I've got some thank-you's to "send".  :-)

That’s my two-cents worth. You could say it's "just a wee heads-up".  ;-)