Sunday, 13 November 2016


So, as I watch and listen to the various news coverage and footage of the aftermath of the quakes in New Zealand, I am shocked and saddened to see the state of various roads, homes and buildings. Roads I used to love driving (the Kaikoura coast road is an absolute TREASURE as is the road to Hanmer).... 

And then I remember, actually, there are PEOPLE whose lives will have been devastated, traumatised, upheaved and impacted in many, MANY ways by these events. I know from my own personal experiences of the Christchurch 2010 / 2011 earthquakes the mayhem that will be unfolding right now...

So, take a moment, spare a thought for the PEOPLE whose LIVES have been thrown into chaos and disarray, whose emotions are in turmoil... People just like you and me.  People who, when they went to bed last night, thought they would wake up the next morning to their 'normal' daily life and routine. People whose lives will now be forever changed, whose lives will now quite likely be divided into 'pre' and 'post' quake. 

Spare a thought for these people as you go about your 'normal' daily life and routine when theirs has been so unexpectedly turned on it's head. 

Breathe quietly into your heart  and on your out-breath, send them prayers of love and tenderness and calmness and support. Repeat as often as you are able. If we can do nothing else, we can do this. Trust me. They need it right now. <3 <3 

#breathingoutlove #peoplemattermore

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